Spirulina: Exclusive Partnership with The Good Spirulina

KSC has selected the best spirulina quality for its customers

Conscious of new consumer’s expectations for health, KSC continues to develop its line of superfood. After dates , spirulina is added to this product line.

Faithful to our requirements on the choice of our suppliers and on quality of our products, we have decided to partner with Abundance laboratory. Abundance is specialized in the production of very high quality spirulina, marketed under the brand name “The Good Spirulina”.

A certified Spirulina

Our products are subject to end-to-end control, from the cultivation process to their harvest, via advanced technological means.

Our entire range is ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certified and certified 100% Vegetal, Halal and Kosher.

Our offer of Spirulina

Our offer of spirulina is diversified and corresponds to the expectations of all audiences: sportsmen anxious to increase their performance or simply curious to discover this miracle algae.

Our products are available in powder, flake, tablet and Energy bars.


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